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In the Amount 5 position, I awful acclaim this afresh appear book (available in German or English). Amazing images acquiesce you to abstraction and analyze hallmarks, casemarks, and even punch variations that few added watch books permit. Very advantageous for the alpha collector. For those who do not yet accept a archetype of this book (and it is added of a book than a archive by any definition), this is a accept to read. The footnotes and essays in this album are arranged with the latest scholarship; it is aswell absolutely fun to apprehend it with the accomplished amount account abutting at hand. From compassionate the abundant nuances of 19th Aeon Patek Philippe abridged watches to afterward the across of 20th aeon Patek Philippe wristwatch production, this book is a beheld feast. And, of course, I am just a bit biased in suggesting this in the amount 4 position. If you don’t accept the catalog, it is aswell accessible for chargeless online as a pdf. As a claimed favorite, this book is a collector’s account on its own. Bound in cork, aggressive by the aboriginal Nautilus boxes fabricated for the US market, this book is abounding with watch facts and tidbits that even the a lot of accomplished Patek Philippe able may accept not accept anytime accepted or noticed. Beautifully researched and photographed by the abstruse and ablaze John Goldberger, this book belongs in your collection.