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07/01/2014 - Flooding in the UK

The country ended the year with flooding and dangerous coastal weather warnings. Forecasters have now predicted yet more flooding and high winds this week with flood warnings out across the UK.

Some of our boats have been used in recent flood rescues. This was evident a month ago on the 5th December 2013 in Hull when the highest tidal surge in 60 years caused the Humber Estuary to start flooding parts of the surrounding areas including central areas of Kingston upon Hull.

Rescue operations were set out to help evacuate residents from at risk areas and areas that had already been flooded. The use of Humber ribs were apparent in the Hull rescue operation as seen in the picture kindly provided by the Hull Daily Mail. The boat in question allowed the rescue authorities to help escort victims of flooding to safer areas.

We would advise all to not take any risks, stay safe and follow any instructions given by the Environment Agency and other appropriate bodies in relation to flooding and dangerous seas.


We have produced well over 12,000 RIBs and they are to be found around the globe in many different locations covering all 7 continents. Therefore we must have achieved something right but that is not to say that sometimes things can go wrong.

Keeping our customers happy is as important as finding new customers as one leads to another. We will supply to you a copy of our legal terms and conditions but we also feel it important to write in plain English our "charter".

As standard all new boats are covered legally for one year. The Humber leisure boat warranty also has the option of extedending to 5 years. The warranty, like most manufacturers, is back to base which means that it is your responsibility to return the boat to us.

If you have purchased a package then other components such as electronics, engines or other additional items will be covered by the original manufacturer. Details of this warranty will have been supplied with these products.

Our charter focuses on how to raise a "complaint", what all parties are to expect and how to resolve when there is a dispute. It does not affect your legal right in any way.

We have, in effect, had this charter in place for many years - it is our family ethos. The reason we now bring this into a written format is mainly for transparency and to show you that we are a company with strong moral values. It will be interesting to see how other manufacturers follow our lead.

21/11/2013 - Another reason why you should come and visit us

Having just been named ‘The City of Culture 2017’ what better excuse to come and visit our factory here in Hull, not only to see our production and development but take full advantage of our wharf facility and demonstration crafts too! This is a unique opportunity to enjoy water trials on our boats in closed and open water conditions to fully appreciate the handling characteristics of a true original first hand...... And obviously with the bonus of visiting your new city of Culture whilst your here!!!

Hull - 10 reasons to visit
1/ White phone boxes
2/ Rugby League
3/ A fearsome of reputation for law and order
4/ The scale bridge
5/ The Deep
6/ Hull museum quarter
7/ The Humber bridge
8/ The Larkin Trail
9/ Music Scene
10/ Humber Ribs factory!!!!

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