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15/11/2013 - It’s not often that we notify our readers in this news section about Humber price changes but on this occasion we just couldn’t let it pass!

As we approach our fiftieth year of trading we have just launched the biggest ever "End of Season Clearance Sale". Never before have there been boats discounted to the levels you can find on our Ribworld website today, in the past we have offered some of the best RIBs in the world for the best prices, but this year is something very, very special. With some boats reduced to prices way below half the normal retail price there has never been a better opportunity to get your hands on one of the world’s best performing ribs!

The clearance sale prices will only be available for a very limited time after which our normal stock boat prices will apply, with enquiries already coming in from far and wide, if you want to take advantage of these amazing offers you will need to act quickly. The boats are offered on a strictly first come first served basis and are ready for additional fit outs or immediate collection from stock. So what are you waiting for?

14/11/2013 - The Humber Attaque - Round Ireland 2013

After completing the Around Ireland Challenge in style, the Humber Attaque proves yet again that a vessel with an exceptional hull line and a superb racing heritage that can outperform the competition no matter what. When the Attaque was first launched it took the rib world by storm and almost 30 years on the same classic hull impresses professional and recreational users alike. No other rib has ever equalled the handling characteristics and sheer pace offered by the Attaque. Many ribs and rib companies have come and gone during this vessels life but with Humber coming up to its fiftieth year this model still holds true to all of the companies basic rules regarding performance development and design solutions. The boat is not fussy or difficult, the handling is predictable and precise and the extremely well balanced feedback and responsive nature of the boat ensures just the right amount of feedback to the pilot. Up on the plane before most and with an extra dry ride, the Attaque does exactly what a pro rib should do without any unnecessary frills. Without doubt the Humber Attaque offers the adrenalin pumped rib drive of your life……
Of all the vessels entered into the Around Ireland Challenge the Attaque proved to be more than equal to the challenge, when conditions worsened the Humber Attaque took it in its stride and when other vessels faltered it just kept performing, offering secure and faultless handling in sea states that lesser boats and drivers would be rightly nervous about. The confidence that the Attaque will cope with just about anything you could throw at it is at the heart of the fondness with which professional rib drivers and owners refer to the Attaque. A true classic of British Rib design, a rib that has seen countless copies and emulators but none have captured the complete experience of the Humber Attaque.

The Attaque used so successfully in the Around Ireland Challenge is now available for purchase visit for more information

27/09/2013 - Thank you to everyone who attended the “Emergency services show at Birmingham NEC!

Humber thanks everyone who joined us last week at the Emergency services show, We had received more than 40 pre-show appointments, and the turnout was more than we expected. Fortunately, with an outdoor exhibition space, several Demonstration vessels and technical representation from our MD Mr Andrew Roffee all our visitors were given a complete and fully detailed breakdown of our current 2013 line-up of professional and commercial rigid and inflatable vessels.

Many thanks also to Alix Richardson and Steve Sellers and the rest of the team back at Humber, who worked so hard to help make the event a success.

This years was an exceptional event with agreements made for some new and very exciting partnerships and cooperative projects(more news shortly!!), some great feedback from clients regarding recently purchased vessels and many new contracts to supply with old and new clients.

If you would like further information regarding any of our commercial or professional ranges don’t hesitate to get in touch, you can reach us on 01482 226100 or

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