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21/01/2013 - NEW FOR 2013! OCEAN PRO 6.8M (2.34M BEAM)

A new 6.8m Ocean Pro with 2.34 beam
Based on our Arctic Challenge Craft, with the best performing hull available and seakeeping characteristics second to none,
but donít just take our word for it ask the GORE-TEX ARTIC CHALLENGE TEAM.

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14/01/2013 - Humber Destroyer 5.5m Editorial

Humber Destroyer 5.5m editorial, from VAL Navtika magazine in Solvenia.

This time we will change to present a very interesting inflatable boats manufacturer, which does not come from the Mediterranean part. It is a company HUMBER inflatables from Great Britain, which for 50 years has manufactured high-performance inflatable boats for very turbulent northern seas and oceans. It says a lot already by the fact that they have already made 11,000. From this year, the Humber is also present in the Mediterranean (Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and Austria) space through a company Neptune Nautica, d. about. about. from Izola. Their range is really large vessels, special vessels for the coast guard, police, pilots, judges at the races, all the way to pleasure craft and entertainment. Divided by five in the series and each one is made with great sense of sea and space allocation. They are characterized by excellent final production, use the best materials, Hypalon and polyester fiber and high "V" hull, allowing navigation in almost any situation on the high seas. Simply put, constructed the boats, in all weather and can depart as quickly as possible to help the crew of small ships and vessels in trouble. Its shape suggests that it is an extremely fast and easy to navigate vessel. At first view it surprised us live yellow Tubular and fresh design approach, which is reflected in every detail of construction and use of modern and high quality materials. The basis for making the 1100dtx inflatable hypalon to produce tracheal tube and classic fortified bottom of polyester knitted and "rowing". High "V" hull as a guarantee for a good navigation on the troubled sea. In this model, a working vessel and as such does not need too many accessories on the deck. Control panel and helmsman's seat riding type are placed in the bow of the boat rather than a whole, as it acquires more urgently needed space on the stern. Under the console behind 71-litre fuel tank with gauge on the steering wheel and space for the battery. The distance between the wheel and the skipper is suitable. The seat is well padded, backrest is properly positioned and standing passenger for it will provide enough security, it is equipped with a strong grip from a semicircular stainless steel. Walking part of the boat is fully coated with nonskid finish and is completely level. Only to feed themselves in the mirror to deepen the compound, where the drain plug ballast water. It empties itself at transom of rib with a ventura draining system. Storage or anchor rope in the bow in a dry place, which is closed by a hatch. Along the length of tracheal tube installed safety rope and grips, safety crew. All electricity and cable that leads from the control console to the engine, hidden in a special tube in the hold.

Final Thought
Humber is a Commerical Sport boat for a wide range of users and excellent an supreme vessel. Construction to assure use in all conditions with one or more members of the crew. Light weight, advanced materials and excellent design, resulting in low maintenance costs as well as transportation.

13/12/2012 - Humber earning the ISO 9001: 2008 certification

Humber Ribs - Humber earning the ISO 9001: 2008 certification for Design, Manufacture and Supply of Rigid Inflatable Craft. This quality-management certification is awarded to organizations that meet the rigorous criteria for assuring quality in the products or services they provide their customers.

Humber is one of the most respected RIB builders in Europe with craft in service world-wide. Using proven techniques Humber provide turnkey packages and bespoke craft. Humber manufacture Ribs from 3.1m up to 11m in length including both open and enclosed craft, fast pursuit, and rapid deployment craft. Designed to withstand the toughest conditions. Humber vessels are in service with rescue organisations, NGO's, police authorities, customs & excise and professional operators as well as recreational users around the globe.

By applying best practices and providing a means to measure and deliver quality to reduce inconsistencies, ISO certification helps strengthen performance on all our sites. Using the internationally recognized standard for quality-management practices, ISO certification also helps improve the customer experience with a systematic approach to managing processes and procedures. Humber has introduced a global quality-management system built upon ISO 9001:2008 standards that provide guidelines for establishing and implementing quality policies for the company.

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