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27/09/2012 - Poignant trip for community champion Helen Newlove launches training boat for Great Yarmouth cadets

Helen Newlove was thrown into the national spotlight in 2007 after her husband Garry was kicked to death by a trio of teenagers outside his Cheshire home.

Since then she has been working as a community safety champion, helped launch initiatives to tackle antisocial behaviour and been given a peerage and sits in the House of Lords.

Through her Community Alcohol Partnership Baroness Newlove donated £10,000 towards the cost of a training boat to be used by young members of TS Warrior, the cadet unit in Cobholm, Great Yarmouth.

And today (Friday) she officially launched the six metre rib - the Newlove - and took a touching ride with other invited guests down the River Yare and under the Haven Bridge, to the delight of the cadets who watched and waved from their waterside base in Steam Mill Lane.

The boat will now be used to give older members of the Warrior training and qualifications, which they can then use to get jobs in offshore industries that are booming in Yarmouth.

Speaking before she doused the boat with a bottle of fizzy grape juice, Baroness Newlove said: "Iím a bit lost for words because next week is the fifth year of Garryís death and Iím struggling as it is. But Iím very proud for you to invite me here and Iím very humbled to be here with you."

The mum visited the cadets in April to present them with their cheque and said it was "refreshing" to meet a group of young people who spoke for themselves and were full of "vibrancy" and "proud of themselves".

She added: "I do believe in the Great British backbone and you kids have so much to offer and donít let anybody tell you you canít. You have got the capability of going to the top."

The launch of the Newlove was also a special moment for Warrior staff including chairman Duncan Boyne, who has worked for two years to help secure the cash needed to buy the boat. Other donations came from the police, Norfolk County and Great Yarmouth Borough Council.

Older members of the unit, which runs on three nights a week with children aged eight to 18, will be going out on the Newlove with two Royal Yachting Association instructors to gain qualifications in seamanship that is hoped will lead to employment.

Duncan said: "Most of these kids come from deprived homes, weíre just trying to make them have a bit of a better future life. Hopefully by the end of the year weíll have 10 to 12 kids qualified."

He added: "The children who have been out on the boat love it, itís a new experience for all of them. Itís been two years of hard work and stress but seeing the kidsí in the boat and when they come back and say Ďthat meant everything to meí - thatís the only reason weíre here."

09/05/2012 - Easdale RIB Rendezvous

Seafari Adventures who also trade as Humber/Quinquari North hosted the second Easdale RIB Rendezvous over the Spring Bank Holiday weekend. The Rendezvous attracted over 40 RIBs. We estimate there were around 14 Humbers at the event. Seafariís 11m Humber/Quinquari cabin RIB Celtic Voyager acted as cover boat during the weekend. Blessed with sunshine and calm seas the RIBs headed towards Salen, Loch Sunart. Many then circumnavigated the Isle of Mull. On the Sunday the fleet headed to the Garvellachs and on to The Gulf of Corryvreckan

08/05/2012 - Palling Volunteer Rescue Service

Palling Volunteer Rescue Service researched the options to replace their existing craft and decided on the Humber Ocean Pro 5.7m for its robust heavy duty build and sea keeping qualities, making it an ideal choice for the East Coast operations.

The craft is designed to carry 3 crew members plus survivors during rescue.

The engine and its systems were used from the previous boat, and installed by Goodchild Marine who also modified the existing self-righting frame, installed radios, GPS, AIS and a plotter into the new console.

The craft has undergone initial sea trails and exceeded all expectations, running comfortably at over 30 knots.

Humber would like to take this opportunity to wish the crew and volunteers of Palling Rescue every future success.

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