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03/06/2009 - Independent Testing and Trials Reports

The Humber Sportspro range Independent Test and Trials reports are finally finally due for publication.The initial publication will be in the next edition of Rib International and copies of the reports will be on general release and available for download from this site from that date forward.

Meanwhile RD on the next wave of new Humbers continues with previews due shortly, so watch this space....

18/05/2009 - RIBEX 2009

A very big thank you to all our customers who took the time to come over to our stand on the pontoons at RIBEX.
This years Ribex was a resounding success for Humber with the launch of our new Sportspro range, on show were 3 new vessels a pair of 8m boats one black and racy and one a white smooth offfshore cruising option with teak decking also shown in the 10m version. The vessels were put through their paces and the resulting independent test reports and evaluations are due for world-wide publication in the coming weeks. Initial feed back has been impressive to say the least with the 10m boat surpassing target speeds over time trials. More Info and pictures to follow

13/03/2009 - Team Pulsar commission another thoroughbred Humber Quinquari RIB

Justin Mc Inerney & Team Pulsar, veterans of RBO8 have commissioned another thoroughbred RIB and again from the Humber Quinquari stable.

For RB08 the team commissioned an 8.5m Offshore Humber Quinquari RIB powered by the ultra-reliable Suzuki DF300. The Team successfully completed the 1400m challenge completing every stage without a single problem. Finishing 5th in RB4 and 24th overall the Team recognised that a little more power would be required on any future builds to ensure a better chance at a top end placing.

Greg Marsden, Team Pulsarís Technical Director says "The reliability of Wolf during RB08 was very impressive. The equipment from Humber Quinquari, Suzuki, Raymarine and Shockwave used to build Wolf was off the shelf standard production at the insistence of the manufacturers. They wanted to demonstrate their products reliability and chose RB08 to do this. So no change there then"

Team Pulsar has chosen to go with a 10m hull this time, again standard production from Humber Quinquari. Suzuki are providing two DF300 outboards with their high tech fly by wire controls and gauges which are ideally suited to the 10m hull. Then things start to get a little interesting.

The Team had used Shockwave Offshore Patrol seats during RB08 with great success. After the RB08 campaign Justin had been to Canada to visit Dave Smith and his Team at Shockwave Seating. They were working on a new console for the military that was very unique. The new Shockwave Integrated Control Environment Console or ICE Console combines the best that shock mitigating seats have to offer with an enclosed console design that allows the operator complete control in a protected environment. It was decided to include one on the new build.

Shockwave, working with Quinquari Marine have agreed to supply their new console and it will be the first of its kind in Europe. Fully shock mitigated, and thatís the entire console, and not just the seats the console is capable of working in extreme conditions. "We are very confident that our product will handle perfectly and feel sure that the Team will get much more out of the boat using this type of technology" said David Smith at Shockwave.

Quinquari Marine is already working up the console completing a bespoke fit out for the build. The console design lends itself to being completely pre-wired and fitted out before it is mounted on the deck. Mounted on to adjustable tracks on the deck the console can be completely removed from the boat in less than an hour.

Raymarine have again been selected to provide the entire electronics suite due to the quality and reliability seen during RB08. They will provide their latest screen technology with twin C140w widescreen displays being fitted. This combined with their new digital Raydome and AIS transceiver means that this console will be the most advanced in the market today.

Team Pulsarís new boat "Seawolf" will be officially launched at RIBEX 2009.

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