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04/02/2015 - Humber Ribs shipment to Ghana

Today we filled the first of three containers to go to Ghana. The boats will be used on a huge fish farm in the West African country.

The container loads include a mix of engines and boats.

The boats will be in operation on a 32 acre site in Africa’s second largest tilapia farm Annual tilapia production and sales is over 2000 metric tons.

If you're interested in ordering from overseas please contact for more information.

26/01/2015 - LOST WORLDS with Monty Halls

Humber Ribs ambassador Monty Halls and companion Leo Houlding take a journey into the unknown on Discovery Channel, Friday 13th February, 9pm

In LOST WORLDS, natural historian and adventurer Monty Halls teams up with explorer, survival expert and pioneering climber Leo Houlding. Leo’s extreme climbing experience coupled with Monty’s incredible adventurer skills and scientific knowledge make them the perfect team to reach these dramatic areas and document these natural wonders.

"Does Genuine Exploration Still Exist?

Are there parts of our planet that remain untouched? Places where mankind has never set foot? Is the age of exploration really over?

These are the questions that adventurers Leo Houlding and Monty Halls set out to answer in a new four part Discovery series called LOST WORLDS. Throughout 2014 Houlding and Halls set out on a series of extraordinary expeditions in South America and Borneo to seek out new species, find legendary geographic features, and explore untouched wilderness. The duo teamed up because Houlding’s remarkable ability as a climber and extreme athlete, combined with Halls’ past as a Royal Marine Commando and his present role as a biologist, meant that they could access areas previously off limits to standard expedition teams.

Their adventures took them to South America, exploring the canopy of the rain forest, and becoming the first team to film and measure two mythical lost waterfalls. In Borneo they completed the first ascent of a new route up the 1,000 feet Melanau Gorge, as well as pushing deep into the Mulu Cave System. Accompanied throughout by expert film makers and scientific advisors, the series reveals the discovery of at least two new species, and shows the reality of expedition life far off the beaten track.

Pushing physical boundaries to the limit, two daredevil adventurers go off the map into secret lands that time forgot.

Using the latest modern technology and extreme climbing techniques, our daredevil team is embarking on a mission to unlock some of the Earth’s last secrets: including gigantic virgin cliffs, thundering waterfalls and even new species of creatures. With prehistoric predators, the largest cave system in the world, killer ants and production camps that would make Indiana Jones proud, LOST WORLDS is truly epic filmmaking.

Leading from the front is ex-marine Monty Halls, one of TV’s best-known wildlife presenters, with a unique reputation for getting up close and personal in extraordinary locations. A passionate adventurer, Monty has led many expeditions across the globe.

Leo Houlding is one of the very best climbers in the world. He was the first Briton to scale the notorious El Capitan rock face in California, at the tender age of 18.


We are now offering as standard new warranties.

We can now offer a 2 year commercial warranty and a 3 year leisure warranty with any new boat. These are all subject to a back to base warranty and terms and conditions do apply. Please do not hesitate in contacting us with any questions in regards to this.

We are also having a clearance of our 2014 stock boats on our website. We are reducing the prices of a large amount of our stock and based on initial enquiries we are anticipating that boats will sell fast so hurry and pick up a bargain before your boat sells!

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