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22/08/2014 - Southampton Boat Show!

We are very pleased to announce that we will have two boats exhibited on the Suzuki berth. One will be the new 7.5m Dorset Police boat which will be officially handed over next week. The other craft will be a purposely built 8m Leisure boat for the show. These will be located at berth M432 and M434.

The Southampton Boat Show takes place from September 12th - September 21st.

More details will be available in the coming weeks on Southampton.

19/08/2014 - Successful start for Humber's sole Scottish Dealership!

Earlier this year Humber created a partnership with Scotlands longest established Yamaha dealer, Yampower. Now approaching 35 years of service, Yampower, who specialise in ribs also offer outboard servicing to all major brands such as Yamaha, Suzuki, Mariner, Mercury, Evinrude, Honda and Tohatsu.

Based near Glasgow, Yampower has strengthened the Humber brand in Scotland and with increasing sales, it has been a successful start to a hopeful long term partnership.

As our sole Scottish Humber dealer, wed urge anyone in Scotland after purchasing a Humber to contact Yampower who will ensure you are offered a first class service in the process of buying a new Humber rib. Yampower can be contacted on:

T: 0141 778 5384

12/08/2014 - Humber Offshore 11m Denmark News Article

More coverage information on our Humber Offhore 11m operating in Denmark. Please find a google translation From a Danish newspaper article below. Source:

With a top speed of 95 km / h has Ebeltoft girl Mai Wrum Andersen embarked on his adventure of a lifetime, and for the first time, she is back this summer in Ebeltoft with his own company.

It's all about the black RIB boat (Rigid Inflatable Boat, ed.) Brand Humber, as she and her boyfriend Martin Panum sail into the port of Ebeltoft with.

The boat is the product of the cooperation that the 27-year-old entrepreneur and her boyfriend started when they began working together four years ago in just Ebeltoft Harbour. The time was the employer in North Jutland RIB-IT, which organized trips around the EbeltoftInlet.

"We wanted to do something other than just sailing strongly out of the cove. We wanted to give people an experience on the water and share the passion for sailing, which we both have. Therefore, we started our own company last fall, "says Mai Wrum Andersen from the port side.

Here's the good sailors boat with two 300 HP Evinrude engines long been awaited, and it does not take long before the first travelers have signed up for a trip out on the bay.

"With our own company, we can create exactly the trip as we would like. If we have some of which have a cottage up the coast, we can sail up there, so they can see it from the water. We have the ability to customize trips - also in terms of the move, 2 "said Mai Wrum Andersen, who does not have permission to sail the Great Humber boat.

The jobs were taken by her boyfriend Martin Panum, who has decades of experience.

Old base in the port
Ordinarily resident Mai Wrum Andersen and his girlfriend in Aarhus, where the company belongs to Marselisborg Marina, from where they organize all kinds of tours through event agency Mai event.

"But when it's summer, so we're going to Ebeltoft. Of course to work, but just as much because I feel at home in Ebeltoft. It's still my city, and we sail from Aarhus and Ebeltoft does not matter, so we prefer to Ebeltoft, "says Mai Wrum Andersen, who has been an old wooden ship" Mary "sailed to Ebeltoft.

"It must be our base in the three weeks when we sail with people in Ebeltoft."

Up to week 32 keeps Ebeltoft girl in the harbor next to the old restaurant Livewell.

While the rapid passage of RIB boats are the first priority in the summer months, so working Mai Wrum Andersen daily as SSP consultant at Syddjurs School, while her boyfriend is educated and working as a precision engineer, while he teaches speed boat.

"It would be cool if we could live full time of the race, but we can not at this time, so that's why we need to have some work on the side. But it means a lot to both of us involved in the project, so that one is not just going to sit at home and look, "explains Mai Wrum Andersen.

Now they hope just the weather.

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