Ocean Pro 5m and 5.3m (2.0m beam)

The Ocean Pro ‘Attaque Classic’ was responsible for Humber branching out from the pure inflatable boat market. In 1970 our development programme of new builds evolved to what is now recognised the Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB). Over time, this product became responsible for the launch of the entirely new Ocean Pro range that is inextricably linked with dive clubs and divers the nation over. Since inception, the Ocean Pro range has been largely responsible for the growth of the RIB industry.

The original concept of this unique craft was designed and perfected years ahead of her time with her outstanding offshore performance capabilities. The Ocean Pro set the standard for the world RIB market. This design has the enviable record as the first Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) to cross the Atlantic single handed and unaided. This was back in 1984.

The Ocean Pro range is still the favoured choice of divers but the range now offers RIBs to all sections of the commercial and leisure market. As each RIB is individually build to your exact requirements Humber have an Ocean Pro model to suit your needs.