Offshore 8m up to 11.0m (3.3m beam)

With the Offshore 2.8 having been considered the 4X4 of the ocean and commanding top position in the commercial market Humber have made things even better.

The new Offshore Wide Bodied 3.3 confirms Humber’s commitment to the commercial market. This exciting range is the natural evolution from our experiences in this rapidly developing market sector. Humber have, once again, moved the goal posts.

The Offshore Wide 3m is the latest addition to the Humber Fleet. Wider again than the flagship 2.8 Offshore with larger tubes this craft has been designed to provide a massive work platform for a wide range of vessel operations in the offshore field.

In line with Humbers extensive testing program the first hulls have been evaluated by Quinquari Marine’s tourism companies, Voyages Of Discovery and Seafari Adventures on the Welsh and Scottish western seaboards. Results are impressive and following a full season of evaluation the hulls are now available for new orders. Options of 8m to 11m with twin outboard or single/twin inboard, open plan, cabins and part cabins this vessel will be of particular interest to those requiring an very impressive payload, space and speed.

Larger tubes give greater stability whilst the increased beam offers superior deck area. With self draining decks, these vessels offer even greater safety in the harshest of sea conditions be the vessel stationary or on passage. Customisation options are extensive from passenger boat to dive charter vessel The Humber Offshore Wide Bodied 3.3 also includes a range of individually designed cabins to suit every operational need from smaller work cabins to passenger cabins for 14 persons. These RIBs can be supplied to MCA Cat 2 (60 miles from a safe haven day or night).

Engine options include twin or triple outboard motors or twin inboard diesel or petrol engines. To facilitate longer operational requirements these vessels are fitted with increased fuel capacity.

Sea keeping qualities have not been compromised. These vessels, with their new hulls plane effortlessly, are swift yet manoeuvrable with a smooth dry ride even in cross winds. They are masters of the ‘big seas’.

Each craft is designed and built to individual specifications to suit a customer’s operational requirements. Commercial operators may also benefit from the expertise of Quinquari Marine ( who have extensive experience in commercial, charter and professional diver operations. These RIBs are also available to the serious Offshore RIB cruising enthusiast.

Humber’s policy of extensive sea trials prior to production guarantees this new range has truly earned the reputation to become Humber’s new flagship.